Oatley Heritage and Historical Society



The Oatley Heritage and Historical  Society researches Oatley History. It has quarterly meetings to report the current research. It also has three meetings a year for coffee and chat- these are informal meetings where members talk about local subjects.

The Society researches Oatley History and publishes its reports and other material on this site.

Next meeting is 21st of April 2017 at 1015 in the Oatley Library for “Coffee and Chat”.

The photo above is a recent one showing the Oatley railway sign that has been preserved and displayed at the Railway station. It is from the 1950s era. It is now enclosed as it made of an asbestos material. Mark Coure assisted us with the City Rail people. The switching room at northern end of the railway buildings is being preserved. More about that in  due course.

To join the Society just come along to a meeting- its $6 per year per family.

We would appreciate any material you may have to put on to this website or for the Society to hold.


The Constitution is attached below.

FINALOHHS CONSTITUTION adpted 31 August 2012